Cor Unum


On a recent Saturday afternoon, a group of parishioners from St Theresa of Lisieux and Most Precious Blood Catholic churches made the journey to the Cor Unum Meal Center in Lawrence to help prepare and serve dinner to people in need. Cor Unum, which means “One Heart” in Latin, serves free, nutritious meals to hundreds of children and adults in Lawrence every day, 365 days a year. In Lawrence today, 75 percent of children are at risk for hunger. The need is great, and the parishes of Dover and Sherborn are helping to meet that need.

The parishes have been volunteering at Cor Unum for five years. Over 20 volunteers, both teenagers and adults took part in this trip. The volunteers washed dishes, served the meals and bussed tables. At the end of the evening, all of the volunteers pitched in to clean the center before heading back to Dover and Sherborn.

Cor Unum is a bright, cheerful, center. Each table has a fresh centerpiece and lively music plays throughout the meals. Meals are served “restaurant style”, with volunteer waiters bringing drinks, appetizers, meals and dessert to the guests. With the student volunteers cheerfully serving the over 150 guests, it was a busy place on Saturday night. The children enthusiastically went about their tasks with smiles on their faces and using their best manners, and many chatted with the guests while they ate dinner. This experience was particularly meaningful for all of the volunteers, especially during the season of Lent, when Christians are called to give alms, which includes doing acts of charity.

To learn more about the Cor Unum Meal Center and the fantastic work they do, and to learn about additional opportunities to get involved, go to their website: CorUnumMealCenter.org