Grade 1-5 Saint Theresa Religious Education

Grade 1-5 Saint Theresa Religious Education

Grade 1 - 5

 Grades 1, 3, 4 and 5 meet Mondays, 3:30-4:30 PM
*Grade 2 ONLY meets Mondays, 4:45-5:45 PM


2nd GRADE ONLY - First Communion

Monday, April 29 First Communion Rehearsal, Time TBD (*all second graders must attend both rehearsals)
Monday, May 6 First Communion Rehearsal, Time TBD
Sunday, May 12, 1pm First Holy Communion 

TRIDUUM - Religious Education MPB and STP grades 1-5

In class on April 1 and April 2nd, the fifth graders in our Religious Education programs led grades 1-4 on a thoughtful journey through Holy Week and the Triduum, when we celebrate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The children were guided through the events of Palm Sunday, when Jesus enters Jerusalem welcomed as king, through the sacred three days, beginning with the Last Supper on Holy Thursday, continuing on Good Friday by walking the Stations of the Cross, and culminating in the empty tomb with Jesus’ Resurrection on Easter. The fifth graders did a beautiful job communicating and sharing the importance of the Triduum with the younger students. The younger children eagerly participated with awe and respect for what was taking place.